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Atkinson Entertainment Presents

Our Other Events

While Thornshire Renaissance Faire is it's own infamous yearly event - it's parent company  Atkinson Entertainment have many other wonderful products and events just like ours. Of course you will be able to find out more about them on their own website (once it launches next year) but in the meantime take a look here at what else they have going on for the 2024 Season!


The Gala Royale 

A continuation of the thrilling cosplay fun you see every year at Thornshire - The Gala Royale is a themed Autumn Ball we are hosting this year for the very first time! One that we hope to be able to continue for many, many years to come. 

Our 2024 Season's theme is: Victorian


to be held at "The Atrium" in Rexburg on Oct. 26, 2024

Seating is Limited: so we will have two start times & encourage you all to watch our website for the pre-sale tickets to drop!

First Start Time: 1pm - 4pm Second: 6pm - 9pm

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