Faire Info

Opening Hours & Location

Friday & Saturday 11am-9pm

24th & 25th
1st & 2nd
8th & 9th
15th & 16th
Location for 2022:
Krupp Scout Hollow
688 N 4200 E, Rigby, ID 83442

Faire Info

Ticket Cost

Adults - $14
Children - $10
Children 3 and under are free

All General Admission Tickets will be available for purchase at the event only. Kings Feast Tickets must be purchased in advance. All stage shows and other entertainment are included with admission. Games, rides, food, and beverages will incur additional charges.


All general admission tickets are available for purchase at the gate only. We no longer offer the option to buy online to simplify the ticketing process. The only tickets we sell online are our King's Feast Tickets. You can purchase them on our King's Feast page as they must be purchased in advance.



We offer free parking at our event. We ask that if you are coming as a group, please try to carpool as much as possible to save room for other patrons. All parking is on a first come, first serve basis. The East Idaho Renaissance Faire is not responsible for any damage, theft, or vandalism. Please take your valuables with you and lock your vehicle.


Lodging and Camping

We currently do not offer onsite camping at this time. In the future we hope to, but in the meantime here are a few options of you would like to visit our faire and have more time to enjoy all it has to offer.

Sponsor Hotel:

Eagle Park Campground: Located in the heart of Rexburg along the Teton River, Eagle Park Campground offers tent camping. With 24 campsites, Eagle Park offers amenities such as drinkable water and bathrooms. Eagle Park Campground does not allow any RV's or trailers, it is a tent only campground.

Snake River Hideout: Situated just minutes from the beautiful town of Rexburg, Idaho and just one hour away from Yellowstone National Park, Snake River Hideout is a great spot for a fun and relaxing vacation. Snake River Hideout boasts a variety of cabins to suit your needs. These include small 10 x 10 cabins with nearby bathrooms as well as larger, full-service cabins. Tent camping and pull-through RV sites are also available.

First Aid/Security

We have trained security and first aid personnel on site. All of our security personnel in marked shirts have medical and CPR training. If you have an emergency you can contact our security officers for help.


Customer Service

Our customer service is available 11am to 5pm. Monday through Saturday all year round. Feel free to call us with questions, concerns, or issues at (208) 534-6109, send us an email: info@renaissancefaireidaho.com, or use the contact form below.



All our demonstrations, interactive characters, and stage shows are included in the price of tickets. Food, games, and rides are an extra cost. All of our vendors and merchants accept credit cards. We do however encourage you to bring cash for those vendors or games that may not accept credit cards. We do also offer cash back at the gate if needed for a small surcharge. 


Press and News

Press Contact: business@renaissancefaireidaho.com - Samuel Hughes - 208-534-6109

All images, photos, branding and media are property of Stolefaire Events LLC. and are not to be used without express written permission.