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Image by Sebastian Unrau

(For the Good and Entertainment of the Realm)

Cast Members Auditions are held each year between February  and March each year. 


What Cast Members Do

Every day of the Thornshire Renaissance faire, guests by the hundreds and thousands come streaming through our gates looking to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy, history, and imagination. Our cast members are pivotal in fulfilling this role. From fight shows, to stage shows, to minor interactions with guests, they are often the reason someone has a wonderful experience as they're guided on their adventures.

We are looking for the best and the brightest each year to fulfill the roles within this great story. See some of the roles and characters for our 2024 Season below.


We would like to Thank all of those that Auditioned for Cast Member Roles this year!

Images of Cast in their corresponding Characters will be added below soon!

Roles and Characters for 2024

Queen Elinor of Aquitaine

Flanked by her maids Beatrice and Cecilia this stately Lady has worked tirelessly to ensure the integrity of England and their French territory for her son King Richard.

Prince John

Recently Prince John and Queen Elinor had to raise a tax in order to ransom King Richard from France, but the Prince has continued to tax the poor villagers of Thornshire. Is France demanding more as the Prince claims, or is there something more nefarious afoot?

Sabastian Revie of Thornshire

Loyal to Prince John, Sebastian has continued to collect to taxes in Thornshire. Which has put him at odds with the inhabitants of the nearby Rougewood and their mysterious accomplice.

Hugh Huntsman of Thornshire

As the people of Thornshire continue to lose all their wealth they have been forced to look to the hills and dales of Rougewood for substance. This poaching has put them at odds with the forester and Huntsman Hugh. These events have Hugh in a particularly bad temper given that they distract him from his approaching wedding to Hazel of the Axe and Bramble.

Sir Gabriel Visiting Knight

After participating in the Great Crusade, this mysterious crusader has recently returned and having heard of the visiting Royalty dared to join in the annual Thornshire Tournament.

Sir Alan of the Wood

This Knight with connections to Rougewood has joined the Thornshire Tournament in his attempt to court the fair Maid Beatrice.

Maid Beatrice

This kind and Good Lady is loyal to Queen Elinor and has become aware of the plight of the poor people of Thornshire only recently.

Maid Cecilia

Her special friendship with Sebastian, means that this Maid may not always be the more trustworthy member of the Queen's Inner Court. But does the Queen know that?

Arthur the Bounty Hunter

This easily bribed official has his own special way of keeping law and order in Thornshire.

Henry the Fletcher

One of the good men of Rougewood Henry is unlucky in love - given his last crush is engaged to someone else. He is looking for someone to make her come back to him, but perhaps he will find something better as the story unfolds.

Geoffrey the Woodmen

The young Feoffrey may not be the best hunter, but he is a good friend.


This world wise Tavern Maid works tirelessly and unherailded for her friends and to provide good folk music at the Axe and Bramble. Perhaps in the events of the Thornshire Faire she will finally receive the recognition she deserves.


This lover of travel and sea shanties is the Fiancé of Hugh Huntsmen of Thornshire as well as his strongest supporter... no matter the disrespect he gets from his job.


This young Maid's Beauty and love for simple Nursery songs has made her the subject of interest of many of the young men of Thornshire.

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