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Top 10 Reasons to Visit the East Idaho Renaissance Faire This Summer

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

1) It’s a renaissance fair!

Swords, knights, princesses. The food, drink, and merriment. There is no other experience like a renaissance faire. If you’ve been to a faire before, you know. If you’ve never been to a faire before, then come find out!

2) It’s an opportunity for quality family time.

The East Idaho Renaissance Faire is a great place to find fun for every member of the family. We strive to create a family-oriented environment, so there are activities for patrons of any age. Feed your family a hearty, delicious meal while you’re there, too.

3) It’s full of chances to learn.

From historical presentations to dancing to sword skills, there is something new for everyone to learn at the 2022 East Idaho Renaissance Faire. Wander the faire and see what new learning experiences catch your eye.

4) It’s a place to escape.

Attending a renaissance faire is a chance to leave behind your familiar everyday life and immerse yourself in another world. Dress up as a knight, a wizard, a lord or lady – become a new character, and engage in things outside of your comfort zone.

5) You can buy a sword!

Your dream of owning your own sword can become a reality at the East Idaho Renaissance Faire. Weapon Masters is joining us at the 2022 Faire, selling swords, daggers, knives, and other replica weaponry. We also have an impressive selection of vendors featuring many unique wares for purchase.

6) There are engaging shows.

Our stages will showcase some talented performers at the 2022 Renaissance Faire. Find your seat in our shaded seating areas and enjoy shows like Jim the Dragon, the Great Bear Folk Theatre storytellers, and more. Don’t forget to catch the Knight’s Tournament and cheer on your favorite knight.

7) There is music and dancing.

All around the faire, you will find singing, dancing, and celebration – join in! In our Wanderer’s Camp, there are opportunities to learn dance with some of our performers, including ribbon dancing.

8) Fun games.

There are games and activities all around the faire where you can test your strength, skill, and wits. Remember to visit our new obstacle course, fit for all ages. The renaissance faire is a place to play!

9) You can dress up!

Where else can you go to dress up like a knight, a princess, a fairy, a wizard? Let your creativity carry you! At the 2022 East Idaho Renaissance Faire, you can even rent a costume while you’re here.

10) It’s a place to go on a grand adventure.

The renaissance faire is a place to let your imagination fly free, and it is full of opportunities for adventure. Whether it’s the Gnome Hunt, Kid’s Quest for our younger visitors, cheering on the Knight’s Tournament, or attending the King’s Feast, there’s a chance to get lost in the magic at every turn – or make up an adventure of your own as you make your way around the faire!

See you there! June: 24th & 25th July: 1st & 2nd | 8th & 9th | 15th & 16th, 2022

The address for the 2022 Faire is: Krupp Scout Hollow, 688 N 4200 E, Rigby, ID 83442.

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